The Freedom Party Agenda/Working Document

Health Care

  1. Access to quality health care for all

  2. Nationally funded single-payer health care system. Eliminate the undue power of health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and medical supply companies on the health care industry

  3. Expansion of community clinics and hospitals. A moratorium on hospital closings, especially in poor and underserved communities.

  4. National health care prevention campaign, including penalties against companies that produce or sell unhealthy and/or dangerous food products.

  5. Fully fund and expand national health prevention and treatment campaigns in communities with high incidence of infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, STD, and poor nutrition

  6. Eliminate all barriers preventing access to quality health care services within prisons.



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Employment and Income

  1. Full employment, uphold the human right to jobs at living wages

  2. Immediate implementation of a massive federal infrastructure work program

  3. Living wage jobs, including annual COLA increases

  4. End to all job discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age and religion. Fully staff and fund the EEOC

  5. Extend unemployment to a minimum of year with the goal of instituting a Federal Guaranteed Living Income, including COLA increases

  6. Expand and fully fund free government job/skills training program for all ages

  7. Abolish all anti-labor laws that limit or prohibit the right to strike, or organize and join unions or to negotiate contracts

  8. Fully fund and expand authority of OSHA to protect the health and safety of all workers



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Quality Education

  1. Institute a culturally relevant curriculum, balanced with academics, athletics, arts,

  2. Ban excessive testing and superficial standards and provide instruction that reflects various learning modalities

  3. Support schools with extended libraries and appropriate technology

  4. Reduce class size and alleviate overcrowded schools

  5. Establish free SUNY, reinstitute free CUNY tuition



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Environmental Justice

  1. End to environmental racism: brownfields, incinerators, waste transfer stations

  2. Support an aggressive recycling program



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  1. Affordable, safe and decent housing for all

  2. Immediate implementation of a massive affordable home building/home ownership program for low-income families and individuals

  3. Moratorium on evictions and warehousing of apartments in public and private housing

  4. Reinstatement of the Mitchell-Lama subsidies

  5. Expand and continue the Section 8 program

  6. End the usage of eminent domain by private real estate developers and government to forcibly remove residents

  7. End the usage of the SMA to determine the median income, particularly in areas that experience mass displacement of low-income tenants and homeowners

  8. Strengthen the protection and enforcement of laws against predatory lenders

  9. Expand and support the number of rent stabilized and rent controlled units. Expand the number of tenant representatives on the rent control board

  10. Increase funding to all appropriate agencies to ensure full and effective enforcement of all antidiscrimination housing laws

  11. Strengthen community review and oversight of housing development



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Criminal Justice System and the Prison Industrial Complex

  1. Halt the crisis of Black and Latino men going to prison and establish programs to reduce recidivism

  2. End the systemic and institutional racism of the Court System

  3. End all disparate sentencing between crack and cocaine

  4. Restore habeas corpus

  5. Enfranchise all prisoners with the right to vote

  6. Ensure access to GED programs and college education while imprisoned

  7. Prohibit the privatization of prisons

  8. Abolish the death penalty

  9. Free all political prisoners



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Reparation for Descendents of Enslaved Africans

  1. Call for a plan of reparations for those of African ancestry

  2. Support affirmative action



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Foster Economic Development in Low-income and Working Class Communities

  1. Close loopholes and tax breaks that prevent progressive taxation

  2. Require corporations to invest in the communities in which they operate

  3. Outlaw all predatory lending

  4. End all redlining of small business loans, especially to small businesses owned by and in communities of color

  5. End the racism in how the city, state, and national budget is distributed



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Representative Government and Voting Rights

  1. Institutionalize a racially-, class- and gender-balanced government

  2. Stop disenfranchisement of communities of color as witnessed in presidential elections



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Police Brutality and Public Safety

  1. Economic development to reduce crime

  2. Stop police brutality, killings and misconduct

  3. Eliminate gun violence

  4. Stop racial profiling



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Immigrant Rights

  1. End all detentions and deportations that violate civil rights and are inherently discriminatory

  2. Uphold immigrant workers rights to the protection of all labor laws, including fair wages, safe and healthy work places and the right to unionize and strike

  3. Ensure that all racist and discriminatory immigrant policies are revoked, including racial profiling, building of border walls and the usage of mercenaries and law enforcement officers to prohibit the freedom of movement

  4. Immigrant right to access to health care, education, employment and decent housing



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Foreign Policy

  1. End to all exploitative trade agreements including CAFTA, NAFTA

  2. Elimination of debts of all exploited and “impoverished” nations

  3. End the imperialist and racist policies of the IMF and World Bank

  4. Lift sanctions against Cuba and free the Cuban Five

  5. End all wars of aggressions and occupation

  6. End the control and exploitation of the resources of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and the Asian countries by the US and the G-8 countries to the detriment of those countries’ economies and the lives of their people



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Gulf Coast Justice

  1. Right of return to all Gulf coast residents

  2. Right to participate fully in recovery planning and all decision-making

  3. Full compensation of all those displaced and victimized by the breeching of the New Orleans levees and the effect of the hurricane and aftermath in the Gulf Coast region

  4. Immediate honoring of the Stafford Act the requires the provision of safe housing to survivors for 18 months with extensions until they are able to return to a safe environment and livable home

  5. End to the bulldozing and illegal demolition of displaced survivors’ homes

  6. Complete reconstruction of all schools, clinics, hospitals and facilities for aged and disabled

  7. Immediate evaluation of all awarded government contract (especially, no-bid contracts) to determine the appropriateness of the awarded amounts, the number of contracts awarded to each company, the status of completion and quality of work.

  8. The re-introduction and passing of the CBC HR 4197 comprehensive bill for Gulf Coast reconstruction and recovery.