Job Creation Leads To Crime Reduction

The knee jerk reaction when crime statistics are up is to call for more police, build more prisons and create tougher sentences. The reality is the more prisons you build, the more prisons you will fill. It’s time to address the root causes of crime - economic oppression, poverty and skyrocketing, out of control unemployment. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly really doesn’t get it. Perhaps he doesn’t want to get it.  In a recent interview with TV station New York One, the reporter asked Commissioner Kelly what role unemployment plays in the rising rate of crime. In short Kelly replied that he didn’t think unemployment was much of a factor. Really Kelly? So what is the factor, race? How could 40 - 60% unemployment amongst Black and Latino youths not be a factor? How could a poverty rate of over 25% in the Black and Latino communities not be a factor? How could a widening gap of income disparity between whites and Black and Latinos not be a factor? In Congress Member Carolyn Maloney’s Upper East Side Manhattan District, (predominantly white) the area median income is $72k for a family of four. In Congress Member Jose Serrano’s South Bronx District, (predominantly Black and Latino) the area median income is $19k for a family of four. The most impoverished district in the nation located in the richest city in the nation. Commissioner Kelly is out of touch with reality. Racism is alive and all too well in this state and city. That’s why I’m running for Governor under the Freedom Party Banner in the General Election on November 2, 2010. Here’s part of my agenda for dealing with crime:

  • I will fight for a more equitable distribution of wealth and income for the struggling working class families of this state.
  • I will create a work force development plan to address Black and Latino youth unemployment.
  • I will secure a fair share of the state and city’s multi-billion dollar contracting budget for Black, Latino and women businesses.
  • I will develop a war on poverty plan that will infuse capital and expense money to the most impoverished communities in this state.
  • I will develop a community policing plan that will utilize community leaders and groups that will respect the constitutional and human rights of our people while fighting crime. Stop and frisk procedures are out of control and must be put in check!
  • I will develop a progressive taxation package, and implement management efficiency cuts, not service cuts.
  • I will develop strong regulations to close corporate loop holes so corporations can contribute more to the state budget. Those who have more should pay more. The budget should not be balanced off the backs of the struggling working class families of this state.

While the crime statistics have come out and indicated that murders are up citywide and particularly high in certain Black and Latino precinct areas, we must also indicate that there is a corresponding rise in unemployment in those same areas.  Most empirical data indicates that there is a correlation if not a causation of high crime in areas where there is high unemployment and poverty.

When we eradicate poverty and unemployment crime will be reduced expeditiously. The time is now for bold leadership to take bold action.

Original Publish Date: 
7 October 2010