Ramon Jimenez

Attorney General
Ramon Jimenez - Atty. General

Ramon Jimenez is a Harvard-educated lawyer, writer and activist of over 35 years.

Mr. Jimenez has been a South Bronx litigator (and agitator), representing low-income families, injured workers, community groups and others in the poorest Congressional district in the country. He has sued the city, federal housing officials, landlords and labor leaders for discrimination and other violations. Many of the cases he has taken on pro bono.

Jimenez has been called an “unabashed municipal activist” and led many initiatives against injustice and disenfranchisement. For example, he successfully fought to save Hostos Community College and achieved the rebuilding of blighted neighborhoods like Charlotte Street. Jimenez has defended the rights of Latino New Yorkers in particular and the well being of all New Yorkers in General.

A well-seasoned professional, Jimenez has also served as an administrative law judge for New York State Workers Compensation Board. Overall he has been an outstandingly progressive force in the Bronx, citywide and state-wide political arenas.