Welcome to the Freedom Party


 The Mission

The Freedom Party is a Black and Latino led political party open to all people. It is a vehicle to address historical & structural marginalization, economic racism, and exclusion of Blacks and Latinos from the state power structure. No more token politics and begging for crumbs that are inadequate to address the dire needs of the Black and Latino community. The Freedom party represents true empowerment, and a real seat at the table. Human rights for all - The time has come!

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The Challenge

While the Freedom Party is already a political party by way of self-determination, in order to become "State recognized" the party must run a candidate for Governor who must receive 50,000 votes in the General Election in November. New York City Council Member Charles Barron stepped up to the challenge and is the Freedom Party's candidate for Governor. Eva Doyle for Lieutenant Governor and Ramon Jimenez for Attorney General are also carrying the banner of the Freedom Party across the state. (Click on the "Candidates" tab on the top of this page for more info about the candidates).

In order to get the Freedom Party's slate of candidates on the ballot, the Freedom Party was required to gather 15,000 valid signatures, (with 100 signatures each coming from 15 different congressional districts across New York State) from July 6th 2010 to August 17th, 2010. Gathered by all volunteers, the Freedom Party submitted over 43,000 signatures from all 29 Congressional Districts in New York State!!!

"The Challenges are Great, But Our People Are Greater!"

The History

The idea for an independent Political Party led by Blacks and Latinos traces back to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), created in Mississippi in 1964, to challenge the legitimacy of the white-only US Democratic Party. Fannie Lou Hamer served as a co-founder and a lead organizer, and received assistance from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), and many others.

Today, in 2010, most Black and Latino voters are registered democrats. Although representing a substantial number in our population, the Democratic Party has selected an all-white NY slate for state-wide power positions ignoring the equally or more qualified people of color. The Freedom Party will not stand by & allow the Democratic Party or anyone else to continue to take the Black &Latino vote for granted.

We are calling on all people of good will in the state to join the Freedom Party movement and vote for Freedom Party Candidates. It is a vote for dignity, self-respect and self-determination.